Korean Drama: Start-Up – Exquisite

Damn. In a good sense. Drakor: Korean Drama.

It’s so cool.

I’ve been pushed or rather persuaded to see/watch “Start-Up” on a streaming service by my wife and her nieces, (I am a subscriber to two services: Netflix and Disney HotStar) even my brother-in-law (who prefers western shows) is in the process of watching.

And with that trigger, before, I had been inclined to see it, but, nevertheless, I am watching it. Two days straight. Some would say that this binge watch is not good, but who’s complaining.

Anyway, as translator and interpreter in the language pair English to Indonesian, I’ve been intrigued with shows on this streaming services that has a non-English source as a drive to watch more of these shows, I grew up seeing and watching Hollywood and western ones. But non-English movies now are my choice. But of course, I am not ditching the English ones.

I’m on my 11th episode on this series now, and it has sparked me to write this article. I will also point out several reason why I am writing this:

One, there’s this scene, where there is translation, I mean interpreters’ booth: shown here from my screenshot (hope Netflix don’t mind, if they do please let me know).

Booths for interpreters are on the left hand side of this picture.


Interpreters in action… remember Nicole Kidman in The Interpreter?

Two, (I’ve always had a passion for technologies, my work, the translation and interpreter projects I do mostly revolve around this) from this episode I totally follow this. Especially during the part where the main characters are in the DemoDay session.

Three, I like the idea of this part… My son whose background is in Computer Science has this on one of his projects: Raspberry. Please see this photo: (RASPBERRY)


Four, I just love to share this, as Gary Vee once state: sharing is caring. Or was it some other person?

Well… if you are curious and you want to see this Korean Drama go ahead…I dare you. And I encourage you to see it. Of course, you can be the judge of this.

That’s it from me…Ta…ta…

Ahli ilmu bahasa aka linguis – Linguist

Per definisi dalam KBBI alias Kamus Besar Bahasa Indonesia, linguis adalah

ahli ilmu bahasa, ahli linguistik.

Menyebut diri sebagai penerjemah kadang mau tapi terkendala dengan sebuah pertanyaan: berapa banyak bahasa yang dikuasai?

Jadi, istilah linguis lebih saya senangi untuk menyebut diri, tetapi terkadang juga agak berat menamai diri sebagai seseorang yang “ahli”.

Namun tulisan yang di bawah ini membuat hati saya agak lega. Saya ambil yang di bawah ini dari buku David Crystal.

Being a linguist – “Just A Phrase I’m Going Through: My Life in Language” by David Crystal

Saya bisa ‘ngeles’ seperti penjelasan di atas bahwa cukup hanya dengan menguasai satu bahasa seseorang bisa menyebut diri sebagai linguis.

Tapi, seandainya saya bisa menguasai bahasa-bahasa asing selain bahasa Inggris, atau bahasa yang lain tentu saya ingin sekali melakukannya. Beberapa bahasa lain yang ingin saya pelajari adalah Bahasa Arab, Bahasa Prancis, Bahasa Jerman, dan mungkin Bahasa Spanyol.

Doakan saja, semoga saya diberikan energi untuk terus belajar bahasa dan menguasai lebih dari satu bahasa asing.