Globalization and Localization and Translation and Holidays :)

Going global or globalization (the process by which businesses or other organizations develop international influence or start operating on an international scale) in localization (the process of making something local in character or restricting it to a particular place) requires suppliers (language providers i.e. translators) to be ready 24/7 (always awake ready to provide service) since the world never sleeps, so says some people.

Unfortunately for suppliers we tend to have to work only in our local time to cater the global time i.e. to be ready 24/7, we can say we can’t do that just yet, or we know our limitations. We need rest, sleep and even time for other things such as time with our families and even for holidays and vacation.

To best communicate this, as suppliers there’s always scheduling (providing in advance our availability). We provide our calendar of availability to show when we are available.

At, there’s an option to do that.

Calendar option at

And of course, there’s an old fashioned but effective way, we give our clients our time schedule per quarterly or even the whole year.

Sounds easy right, not so.

For some of our colleagues a steady work means that some would be willing to be on standby 24/7. And even go to lengths to stay up late in the local time and ready at the client’s local time (may entail a different time zones).

Sometimes my colleagues are ready to be a bat, a night owl and other creatures alike that can stay up late (in their respective time zones).

I just surrender to these habits.

I am an early riser and I need time for myself too.

So, thank you clients for understanding my needs too.

Happy Iedul Adha to clients’ and colleagues who celebrate this Holiday today 31 July 2020 or 10 Dhu’l Hijjah 1441 H.

10 Dhu’l Hijjah 1441 H

And I respect you all.

Have a great weekend too.

Enjoying my holiday time so Monday will be a more productive time again.


Juru Bahasa – Pasangan Bahasa EN – ID

Penerjemah Indonesia Harry Hermawan

Sebagai juru bahasa pasangan Bahasa Inggris Bahasa Indonesia atau jurbah EN-ID, terkadang di saat seperti ini yakni waktu pandemi, kami diharuskan bekerja dari kenyamanan kediaman. Atau istilah populer-nya WFH work from home.

Seiring dengan kondisi normal baru atau new normal, kami pun dituntut untuk kembali bekerja secara langsung di lokasi acara.

Dengan demikian berarti pula risiko yang harus dihadapi cukup lumayan tinggi. Tentu, semua dapat diatasi dengan persiapan yang baik.

Berikut beberapa persiapan yang mungkin dapat digunakan:


Harry Hermawan Handsanitiser – Dettol and Antis

Face Mask

Harry Hermawan Face-Mask

Face Shield

Harry Hermawan Face-Shield

Selain itu ada lagi yang dapat membantu produktivitas kami sebagai profesional di bidang juru bahasa profesional.

Tools –

Juga, untuk membantu kami tetap tenang – tentu secangkir kopi dengan gula akan sangat membantu.

As they say coffee with sugar do helps.

As know you – sugar rocks!

Harry Hermawan Sugar Rocks Gula Batu

Jaga jarak agar tetap aman rekan-rekan.

Stays safe colleagues.


Harry Hermawan

Juru Bahasa Harry Hermawan
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