English to Bahasa Indonesia Language Project in Dubai 2010

Language Project in Dubai 2010

As a linguist (translator for the language pair English to Bahasa Indonesia), I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to see Dubai during one of my projects relating to language rendering.

The four week training in Dubai had been a smaller portion of a larger part of the language project itself. The rest of the execution of the project, the actual project was about six months, and was to be conducted remote in my part of the world, in Indonesia.

By remote, I mean that the client is on one side of the globe and the project execution is in another part of the world. And, what brought the client and the provider to one place was in this nice place called Dubai.

In Dubai, I had to endure a four week long training provided by the client in that post training I would be able to utilize the software and all the necessary procedures to conduct and finish the project.

The training was a full day training for four weeks. The typical week was from Sunday to Thursday, this was because we were in a world where weekends fall on Fridays and Saturdays. It was one of the best experiences that any translator, linguist could ever experienced.

During this project I had two other Indonesians who were also working in this project. We had been a great team due to the fact that the client had such experience in doing the projects before that this one that I experienced was no exception.

Long story short, being a translator has its moments of good times. And, being in Dubai to do a project paid for by someone else, sure is a good time. An experience I myself could not have thought was possible.

Indonesians…be a translator not just the language pair of English to Indonesian, be a translator in other language pairs. I can assure you if you can do it professionally, things will be great. But being professional, is not an easy task. Just focus and go with the flow.

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