Wajah Baru – Agustus 2014

Seiring dengan adanya waktu luang di luar kesibukan sebagai penerjemah (penerjemah dan juru bahasa, juga editor) saya meluangkan waktu untuk belajar kembali.

Salah satu keutamaan seorang profesional menurut saya adalah kesungguhannya untuk terus belajar, memperbaiki kemampuan yang sudah dimiliki sehingga menjadi lebih baik lagi – klise. Begitulah.

Saat ini saya berkesempatan untuk membenahi situs web saya ini. Tujuan utamanya adalah selain karena adanya waktu luang, saat ini jika seseorang sedang “online”, tidak melulu di depan desktopnya atau laptopnya.

Bisa saja mereka melihat berita terbaru ataupun mencari berita gosip melalui perangkat bergeraknya, baik itu tablet semisal iPad, ataupun melalui perangkat seluler berplatform iOS maupun Android.

Seiring dengan kondisi ini, saya tentunya berpikir apakah situs web saya bisa dilihat melalui perangkat selain yang konvensional yakni selain dari desktop atau pun laptop?

Menurut berita ini, tentu beralasan jika saya harus membenahi situs saya.

Bagaimana dengan Anda?


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Upgrading Windows for an Indonesian Translator


As an Indonesian translator having the latest Windows means you will need to set aside your cash and TIME for an upgrade. I have had the opportunity to upgrade my Windows because the project I was working in my Firefox wasn’t performing well. I asked a colleague and friend on this and he suggested that this might have to do with software. In simple term you’ve got to upgrade.


Asking my friend if I should upgrade or not was still my biggest concern. I’m in my comfort zone with my tools. Having to upgrade means having to learn again new things, and spend time on it. A luxury I wish not spending. But ALAS…

I decided to take that step and bought the upgrade only to have it install almost a week after I had bought it. And as soon as the product key was at my disposal, I quickly followed the instruction on how to set it up.

The first challenge that I was faced with was back-up. I had loads of files that needed back-up. Thanks to my 1 TB external hard drive, after some deleting of files, I had my files backed up from my precious tool – my notebook aka my laptop.

The second challenge was the downloading of the Windows upgrade. And, of course, comes the biggest challenge, the installing. At first, the upgrade was far from a success, it was a failure and unsuccessful. It turned out that I had encrypted the hard drive with a TrueCrypt software. Back again and find and browsed the Net and re-learned myself with the procedure. It took some time, but finally the search was over and I have the information at my disposal and march on…

And, in the end after some time on the decrypting, I was able to install the software successfully. Yes? No!

I had another challenge the product key was not accepted. Then, I turned again to my beloved Google Search, and found out that, I had to have a new product key, so I contacted my seller, the seller said the product key will come the next day.

So, this is just a tiny recollection of my time outside translating, editing, interpreting, and other stuff relating to my work. Yes… software and IT.

I hope this can be a lesson learnt for others that trying, trying, and trying is key to success on finding the solution to your challenges and resolving your IT software issue.

This may sound tedious and laborious but this is slot in time that a translator must have and should accommodate in staying in line and updated with the industries’ (localization/translation and IT/software) essentials.

Good luck on your endeavour.  I kid you not. 😀

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Windows 9 is approaching…

Almost a month after I’ve installed my Windows 8, yes, I’ve just upgraded, somewhere in the universe of Internet, I saw this:

Windows 9 unveiling set for September 30, report says



It seems that doing the upgrading is an evolution and yet the software upgrades of Windows is a revolution.

As far as I’m concerned, as an Indonesian translator, I’ve only got one thing to say and do.

Wait and see.

I’ve only just awaken to this and yet this was 2012… and now it’s nearing the end of 2014.

It seems IT is a revolutionary thing and the mind set of a translator or someone in the industry of localization is moving in an evolutionary way – i.e ME, but I guess one can run after one has achieved a steady foot walking. Anyway… we shall see.