Portuguese Influence in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)

Portuguese in Indonesian do have a place. I’ve always wondered to which extent the loan words from the land of Portugal came to the Indonesian language.

To my surprise, there appears some words from Portuguese. There was a research conducted by Antonio Pinto da França (1970) and later published in the book titled: “A Influencia Portuguesa na Indonesia”. This book later was translated into Indonesian by “Pustaka SH” publisher in the year 2000. It was called: “Pengaruh Portugis di Indonesia” (translation: Portuguese Influence in Indonesia).

The words such as:

armada, bola, pena, roda, ronda, sisa, tenda, tinta

became Indonesian (armada, ball, pen, wheel, rounds, remnant, tent, ink).

There are also vocabularies that have changed the way they sound such as:

algojo (algoz), bangku (banco), bantal (avental), bendera (bandeira), biola (viola), bolu (balo), boneca (boneca), jendela (janela), gereja (igreja), kaldu (caldo), kantin (cantina), kemeja (camisa), kereta (carreta), meja (mesa), mentega (manteiga), pesiar (passear), pigura (figura), pita (fita), sepatu (sapato), serdadu (soldado), cerutu (charuto), tolol (tolo).

So, I can say Indonesian is a rich potpourri and will borrow and adopt any other words from any languages as the language (Indonesian) see fit. But, I guess this works in any languages that utilizes other languages to enrich the vocabularies.

One Reply to “Portuguese Influence in Indonesian (Bahasa Indonesia)”

  1. and u have more keju ( queijo) sabtu (sabado) minggu ( domingo) garpu ( garfo) and more……………

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